NSFW Illustrator &
Voice Actress


Hi, I'm Prima, my pronouns are she/her and they/them, and I make NSFW content as PRIMALCONTENT.I'm an illustrator, a video editor, and voice actress. I also do game development projects.I balance this account with my main, PRIMARVELOUS, so keep that in mind when considering my activity levels.

For information on my art commissions, check out my main carrd's commissions section, which includes information on NSFW commissions made under PRIMALCONTENT. For information on video-editing commissions, check out my video editing portfolio.

Voiceover Commissions

(NSFW Voiceover Demo Reel External Link)

I offer voiceover commissions for animations, comics, and the occasional audio-only piece. As displayed in the demo reel, I've got a wide ranged voice and am able to voice men, women, and anything in between. I'm also available for trans-friendly content, especially featuring that of transfeminine characters.DM @primalcontent or email [email protected] to inquire.

RatesI charge based on two categories, commercial (will be used to make money) and non-commercial (for personal/public use), as well as dialogue vs sexual sounds (such as moaning, gasping, etc.)Non-commercial: 35 cents per word or 40 cents per second of sexual sounds (1 minute = $24.00)
Commercial: 40 cents per word or 45 cents per second of sexual sounds
(1 minute = $27.00)
Additional Fees
Rush Fee: +50% of original price
Added Sound Effects: $5 flat fee per minute of audio
Line-Splitting: 10 cents a line, packaged for the client in a .zip/.rar file
-All transactions are made using Paypal, via invoicing. Full payment is required before recording begins.
-Audio will be cleaned for breaths and unnecessary sounds and delivered to the client in their preferred file type, .wav by default.
-The client may request two retakes for no additional charge, but anything more will be an additional 50% of the original price.
I'm willing to record for:
-Original characters
-Canon characters
-Furry/Anthro content
-Fetish content [exceptions listed below]
I'm NOT willing to record for:
-Underage characters [including "aged up" canon characters]
-Incest or Bestiality Content
-Noncon [inquire about dubcon]
-Bathroom kinks [watersports, scat, gas, etc.]
-Extreme gore/injury/snuff
Other topics, kinks, and fetishes may be denied at my discretion. Please note that I'm allowed to deny any commission inquiry I receive without explanation. Additionally, commissioners nonverbally disclose that they 18 or older upon inquiry.

You can reach me on the following platforms:

You can also check out the carrd for my sfw account, PRIMARVELOUS.